Relocation with us

Modyrn is the relocation specialist that you can trust. Our real estate relocation services make it easier for individuals and families to find their next home. Our team of experts and massive network of real estate professionals can fast-track your way to finding your ideal home to relocate to at the right price. Whether you want to upgrade or downgrade, we can tap into our vast network of real estate connections to match what you’re looking for in a new home.

Aside from helping you find a new home, our relocation real estate service also includes selling your former home. We will handle your former home's marketing, negotiations, and closing. That way, you can focus on getting settled in your new home and adjusting to your new life in a new area.

Relocation is always stressful, no matter where you choose to relocate. With a team of real estate professionals to support you, we wish to ease the burden off your shoulders.


Multi Family / Apartment Buildings

Multi-family properties and apartment buildings are housing units in one or several buildings (such as a complex). Real estate investors turn to this property to generate passive rental income or sell the entire property for a considerable profit.

This type of real estate investment is one of the most profitable forms of investment with a positive ROI potential. If you are looking to dip your toes in the multi-family housing investment, we’re happy to assist you.

We have an extensive network of experience with multi-unit property owners and brokers. Our team of experts also possesses in-depth knowledge of multi-family properties, along with our local market knowledge. We have access to local data and statistics that can inform your decision on the hottest properties worth investing in and understand the level of demand.

Leverage our real estate knowledge with multi-unit and apartment buildings to ensure you can find the property that suits your needs and protect your investment. Our goal is to help you gain a consistent cash flow or higher liquidity for your properties.


Land Acquisition / Pre-Development

Our team can help with any of the following:

● Preparing and negotiating contracts for the land acquisition
● Negotiating the financing terms for the land acquisition and consequent land developments
● Guidance on structuring transactions to optimize benefits for our clients
● Reviewing documentation related to the land acquisition
● Preparing specialized documents for approval and compliance
● Offer representation and coordination upon the closing of the sale and contracts
● Coordinating the land acquisition and development with associated professionals like surveyors, engineers, contractors, architects, etc.


New Construction

New construction is one of the specialized services we offer at Modyrn. We assist clients on both ends of the spectrum involving newly built properties.

Why is there a soaring demand for newly built properties? Here are some of the reasons why new construction is an untapped potential in the real estate market:

● Move-in ready
● No need for repairs and upgrades
● Customization option
● Less maintenance
● Updated floor plans and features

If you are a developer looking for buyers, you can utilize our services to market your properties and find the ideal buyers. On the other hand, we also use our real estate expertise to help buyers find the perfect home, regardless of budget and preferences. Our local market knowledge can help you find the best rates for your dream home.


Commercial / Industrial

Our commitment to delivering real estate services to our clients extends to commercial and industrial purposes. We cater to clients like new businesses seeking land or property for commercial development. You can use these properties for business or specific purposes, such as warehousing. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions for the commercial and industrial entities we serve.

Moreover, we also help existing businesses that wish to expand their business space. We can assist in locating the most suitable property for your relocation or business expansion. Our real estate experts can analyze real estate data within your local area to identify the best potential and guarantee a higher return on investment.


Leasing / Rental Assistance

Modyrn specialize in providing temporary housing solutions for clients who recently sold their home but cannot afford a new home purchase yet. With our real estate professionals, you can identify and locate the best temporary housing solutions for your needs. Some rental housing markets are highly competitive, and working with a real estate professional can give you a huge advantage. You can also leverage our team's negotiating power in signing your lease agreement to ensure you can enjoy favorable terms.

Our team specializes in temporary housing solutions as we have extensive real estate knowledge, enabling us to match our client's budgets and preferences to what is available in the market.


Property Management

Our professional property management services at Modyrn provide industry expertise and reliability for our clients. If you are a property investor, working with a property management team allows you to maximize the performance of your investment property. Our property management experts can handle the day-to-day operations, from screening tenants and property maintenance to long-term strategies that ensure your real estate investment growth.

At Modyrn, we treat your property as if it’s ours. We deliver creative solutions that maximize your profits and ensure a low vacancy rate. Our property management solutions include tenant retention, risk reduction, and industry-leading strategies that add value to your investment.

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